But how much do you love Sofia Vergara?

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So Stacy Keibler was supposed to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with George Clooney. She tweeted about it a couple of weeks ago. But George was alone when he flew to DC the other day. And alone again at the event and various parties. Is it the beginning of the end? Probably not. George told everyone Stacy was working. Which may explain the pre-emptive outing on Thursday night. Click here if you missed those photos.

Still, it certainly didn’t seem like George was missing her terribly. As you can see, when the real President isn’t around, George is the centre of universe, the main attraction at the Vanity Fair after party where he was the star everyone else appeared to orbit, celebrity and politician alike. I’ve included only a few - there are so many shots of him talking, laughing, shaking hands and kissing babies, but I couldn’t afford them all, sorry.

As I learned at TIFF - click here if you missed it - when George Clooney is having a good time at a party, he puts in his time at that party. He stayed late at Vanity Fair. I mean, that’s why you make the no kids, no ties choice in life right?