George Clooney is a two-time PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive. I don’t see how Channing Tatum isn’t the slamdunk obvious choice this year. To me? On personal preference? No. But PEOPLE’s SMA is not about personal preference. It’s popularity and publicity and politics and “strategery” and on all that criteria, there’s really no other candidate in 2012. As you know, every November I dedicate a long feature handicapping the contenders. This time I’m not even sure I need to bother. Professionally and personally, Tatum has this locked up. Also, unlike Ryan Gosling, he would never turn it down.

So here’s Tatum on holiday with his wife Jenna Dewan in Lake Como, spending time with Clooney and Stacy Keibler. The connection is actually the women - Dewan and Keibler have been tight for a while. So Stacy gets to invite her friends to Como too? Como is “ours” then too, is it? Just like the house in Hollywood is “ours”? - click here to revisit that reference. Big ups Keibler. You exceeded all our expectations.

As for how Tatum and Clooney are getting on - Clooney is never not gracious, and he’s never not inclusive. He also has a solid crew of regulars he rolls around with. And a great relationship with Steven Soderbergh who is now work bffs with Tatum. Channing + George -- a new power couple in the making!