George Clooney took Stacy Kiebler to the Argo premiere last night.  Earlier this week there were rumours that he was done with her.  Unlike last time when the same rumours were circulating and he had his publicist issue a denial, George chose instead not to release a statement since a public appearance and pictures look much better anyway.  Is this a publicity stunt?  Well…of course, always.  But that doesn’t mean they’re hiding anything.  After all, when George is done, he’s done.  He doesn’t need to show up on a red carpet and pretend he’s not done.  The truth is Stacy’s standing is just as secure as it has always been, so long as she takes care of her body (and you can see that’s not a problem), doesn’t talk sh-t about him in the press, and remembers to take her birth control pills, although whether or not she really needs to is another matter entirely.

To further drive home the point that they are solid, George appears to be borrowing a Brange move.  Look at the positioning of his hand, almost as though he’s drawing attention to the underwear waist band of her dress.