Who would George Clooney be without Doug Ross?

ER MADE George Clooney. And ER is concluding this year after 15 seasons, bringing back almost every familiar face to commemorate the occasion…save one.

George Clooney has officially confirmed that he has no interest in reprising the role that launched his superstardom.

It’s the show that paid for Lake Como and still George Clooney says no.

F&cking ingrate.

Said George’s publicist: "He is on record as saying he is not coming back. It is something he has already done. He is busy making movies."


Like he couldn’t afford to take a day out from his film schedule – he’s usually the producer anyway – to shoot a quick 20 second cameo?

You know NBC and ER would bend over backwards to get Clooney. If he said yes, they would make it happen. And they wanted it so badly, only George is too good for tv these days.




Doug Ross is dead.

After all these years, I am still weak watching this scenes…