Here are George Clooney and Stacy Keibler arriving in New York yesterday after a weekend of Obama supporting in California. Really into what she’s wearing here. Her casual clothes are actually pretty cute. It’s when she has to get dressed up where we run into problems. Anyway, they had dinner with Bill Murray last night. My point is this is a good life for her right now. And I don’t think she’s dumb enough to f-ck it up by looking for wedding dresses the way everyone was reporting during fashion week.

As for those reports that they’d broken up, not that you need any more evidence that they’re together, the proof is in the square footage. I’m told that George asked Stacy to oversee renovations at his Studio City home recently. He also allocated some space in the house to be converted into custom closets for her. And there’s a beauty area that they built where she has her hair and makeup done, everything to her exact specifications, all Clooney-approved. It’s the celebrity equivalent of giving his girl a Drawer.