Amal Clooney was in Washington, DC today. She called a press conference to advocate on behalf of Mohamed Nasheed, the former president of the Maldives. She was there with Nasheed’s wife Laila Ali. Just a regular day at work for a human rights lawyer who, apparently, needs help picking out her clothes.

That’s according to an US Weekly source who claims that George Clooney has a say in what she wears:

“George is very involved in selecting her looks. He’ll watch her try on clothes and will say, ‘I like that. You should get it,’ or ‘No, not that.’ He installed a runway, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and a crazy light system in their closet. Amal can see every single angle and tell if her outfit is see-through!”

Well, sh-t. We should all have a closet with great lighting. But are you telling me that this woman, who’s been all over the world crusading for freedom, can’t put on a dress without George Clooney’s input? Also…

HE WEARS DAD JEANS. What business does he have to be choosing between the McQueen and the Valli???