Multiple sources are reporting that George Clooney, no longer ungrateful, is indeed returning to ER to commemorate the show’s final season. According to People George will shoot his scenes on a closed set – word is it’s happening today and tomorrow – though no official confirmation has been provided.

Doug Ross is back!

Are you listening Michael Cera?

Cera remains the holdout on the Arrested Development movie. Just last week, AD creator Mitch Hurwitz confirmed there is a deal with the studio and that most of the cast is on board. All save one, as you know. Hurwitz said out loud that he hoped that Michael Cera would come back.

Michael Cera was at Sundance this week and it came up. Of course he was asked during an interview with MTV about reprising George Michael Bluth and, contrary to Mitch Hurwitz’s status report, only the CREATOR of the project, that’s all, according to Cera plans for the AD movie are “more hypothetical than people think.” Then, in a piss poor attempt at being funny, he sneered:

"I would possibly play the part, I possibly might put the script in my shredder. I may buy a shredder.” He then went on to say that he’s waiting to see a script.

How can Hurwitz write the f-cking script if he still doesn’t know if you’ll be in it???

Great Michael, just for you, let’s have everyone waste their time!

Hurwitz himself explained his approach to the screenplay: "I do want to wait until I know who's in it, because it won't be like a big paying job, this movie. So it's not something I want to do on spec. I kind of want to know that we're making this. We're working on it."

And then he added some kind words about Michael:

"I will say about Michael Cera – he is a very, very smart guy. He's a very thoughtful guy. I remember when we were casting for Arrested, the TV show, and I'd seen him in a pilot years earlier, so I set out to get him. He was only 14 at the time. I Said, 'Let's get that kid. I think his name is Michael Cera. I think he lives in Canada.' I'm waiting and waiting to hear back, and after about three weeks I hear, 'Michael Cera responded to the script.' And I felt like, 'I didn't realize that was a step,' you know? But it gave me big respect for him, because it was like, you're not just some whore. You want to read the script, you want to understand the character. This is a young boy! So he's making smart decisions for himself… but I hope this will be one of them!"

Yes Mitch, us too.

Because did you know that Michael Cera is actually considering playing Gilligan in a movie version of Gilligan’s Island over Arrested Development?


No shame???


Doug and Mark