George Clooney spoke to Variety the other day to sh-t on The Daily Mail some more. Click here to read the article. I understand that he wants to treat them like they treat others and it is indeed kinda funny that they have to just eat all his punches bent over. I appreciate that he’s not doing the “I’M SUING YOU!” thing like so many of his peers. And it’s the principle. Of course it’s the principle. But where is the line between principle and…letting it go? Serious question. Let me know.

Anyway, at the very end of it, because Variety’s given him a microphone, he gives them back a bone with a comment about Amal Alamuddin. George being George, who’s played this game at the top of the game for years, he makes it a good one:

“I’m marrying up.”

Given her resumé, yeah, I’m pretty sure most of you agree. She’s educated. She’s informed. She’s an advocate. She’s a debater. And him? He’s …an actor. I think that’s his point, although I can’t decide whether or not it’s patronising that he’s saying it. Her accomplishments speak for themselves, you know?

Attached – Amal and George after dinner at Harry’s Bar in Lake Como the other day.