George Clooney.

Don’t call it campaign.

He claims he hasn’t been campaigning. That ultimately it’s about making good movies and not about winning awards for those movies.

Here’s a headline that appeared on this morning:

Stacy Keibler: George Clooney Is the 'Best Date in the Whole World'

And also…

How George Helps Stacy Get Ready For Award Shows

(He says he just pulls up her zipper.)

You could argue that these are just the questions he’s being asked, sure, but when you bring your girlfriend everywhere, knowing that everyone knows you’re the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, how can the conversation be anything BUT your love life. And so it follows, aren’t you serving up your love for consumption conveniently during your high school’s annual popularity contest? Please.

Here are George and Stacy last night at the NBR Awards where he was named Best Actor. Stacy is wearing Marchesa. Which explains why my mother likes it.