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The year’s first major awards show is less than a week away. And George Clooney insists he’s not campaigning. Sure. But given that he’s paraded his Ely on almost every carpet since they started dating last summer, it is very likely that he’ll show up with her at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Because he’s “so in love” as a friend told Page Six (!):

"I've never seen George so serious about a girlfriend before. They were really happy together."

Right. And the whitewash continues, as do the opportunities. Have you heard? Elisabetta Canalis has been selected to model for Cavalli underwear. And in a gushing interview with Hello, Cavalli’s talking like he’s always had his eye on her, calling Ely an “erotic dream”, that George is the lucky one to have found her, that she’s the very standard of a modern woman, like he would have confirmed her for his campaign if she wasn’t f-cking one of the world’s most famous men. Bitch... please.

Cavalli on Ely: “Elisabetta is beautiful and very sensual. She’s an erotic dream for many men: it’s that mix of undeniable beauty and the down-to-earth spontaneity of the girl next door. And I think that’s exactly why she’s successful: a stellar smile in a sweet face, combined with an intriguing, sensual expression. I also think she’s one of the few women who look even more beautiful without make-up and dressed down.”

Cavalli’s advice for Ely: “She doesn’t need any. She’s organized her private life well and professionally, she’s achieved great goals. She’s studied acting and she’s working really hard. Her family has also always been by her side in all the choices she’s made, protecting and caring for her.”

Cavalli tells us what Ely is like: “Young, intelligent – these days intelligence is knowing how to make your way: it’s a must in order to be successful if you’re ambitious enough, and I know that Elisabetta can easily conquer the world thanks to her ability to communicate. She’s studied English carefully and has a good accent. I think I was one of the first people she confided in about George. And I really admire him – not just as an actor, but because he’s polite and charming, someone who you can discuss anything with, someone who listens. I’ve known him for years because he’s best friends with Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande, so we’ve holidayed together on occasions. At first, I did wonder how such an Italian girl like Elisabetta could date such an American guy like George, but time has shown that this great love is going to last. In fact, I’d bet anything on it, and it’s my wish for both of them.”

Cavalli on what drew George to Ely: “Probably her Mediterranean beauty, her unassuming, open character, her spontaneity and her simile.”

Cavalli on Clooney & Ely: “George and Elisabetta are in love. They’re both gorgeous, fascinating people and their romance is a dream. People need to dream and this couple’s love story reminds you of those legendary romances of the past.”

Cavalli on how Ely’s handling the Clooney lifestyle: “She was used to meeting famous people before she started dating George. She’s intelligent with a strong personality and won’t have any problems hanging out with Hollywood stars. George’s friends will be fascinated with Elisabetta – she’ll captivate them.”

You would have thought he was referring to Princess Diana, non? I mean, really. Is this the same girl who once had an EMINEM tattoo???

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