As I’ve been reporting this week - click here for a refresher - George Clooney has been working out his campaign strategy, specifically when to start integrating Stacy Keibler into it. She did not join him at the Venice Film Festival, perhaps out of respect for the former Italian Queen Elisabetta Canalis. Immediately after George made his appearance there though, “candid” pap shots of the two were taken exclusively by an agency and sold at top rate to a celebrity friendly magazine and television show. Click here to see a gorgeous shot of what looks to be a very, very close range image of the two together, with champagne, and happy. No one was sneaking through the bushes to get these pictures. Also, the agency that’s selling them? Put it this way - they’re all on very, very friendly terms.

So last night, on George’s first night in Toronto for TIFF, guess who was spotted by his side? Indeed. There have been multiple sightings of George with Stacy Keibler at the hotel (including this one by the CBC), and at an important movie people gathering earlier in the evening. Stacy Keibler is in Toronto with George Clooney. They behaved like a Couple. She was his Official Date.

So now tonight, at The Ides of March gala, it becomes even MORE interesting. Will he escort her? Is this the red carpet debut of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler? At TIFF? As Ides and The Descendents begin asking, subtly, for Oscar consideration?

Imagine: Clooney may premiere Keibler and then go on a double with Brange. Please. I might explode.

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