George Clooney was in Sarnico, Italy today shooting a commercial. One photo agency said it was for Mercedes, another said it was for something else. The point is this is how George manages his “small” movies - the cash money comes from endorsements and he gets to work on passion projects in film and devote some of his energy too to his causes.

As you know, George has been advocating for change in Sudan. It’s been announced that he’s put his Tesla Roadster up for auction in support of the Satellite Sentinel Project monitoring the Sudanese borders. Click here for more information on the car.

George was seen in Como the other day with Stacy Keibler just as they were announcing some kind of all-star season for Dancing With The Sh-ts. She did not end up on the list. Because...why would she need to? To be honest, I was disappointed. Because if she was competing, would he actually come to one of the tapings to cheer her on? George Clooney in the audience at Dancing With The Sh-ts? If he shows, it’s embarrassing. If he doesn’t, it’s gossipy. And that’s exactly why not.