Thanksgiving 2009, George Clooney spent it in Mexico with friends Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Also his girlfriend at the time, Elisabetta Canalis. Click here to see the photos.

Thanksgiving 2011, there’s a new piece. But everything else stays the same. Even, almost, his outfit. Here’s George Clooney with his injured elbow in Mexico for Thanksgiving weekend with Stacy Keibler, hanging out with some other famous people including Alex Rodriguez who, I’m sure, George wouldn’t mind hosting for as long as he wants to stay.

As for that elbow...

How exactly was that elbow injured? This, perhaps, is what sets Stacy apart from the others. As a former wrestler, she may be able to go farther, more adventurously, if that’s your thing, than her predecessors. Strength wise, I guess, she could certainly take him to a whole new level of danger.

As mentioned in today’s site introduction, the National Board of Review will announce its list this coming Thursday. It was just two years ago, in 2009, when Elisabetta Canalis was presented to us, that Clooney’s last Oscar-hyped film Up In The Air won the NBR award for Best Picture and went on to several Oscar nominations, including one for Clooney, but was shut out of every category.

Some say Clooney has a much better chance this time with The Descendants. The Descendents has received some really impressive universal acclaim. I saw it again this weekend and, I mean, it’s a good movie, no doubt. Well written, well paced, beautiful chemistry, maybe a little obvious at parts, but heartwarming nonetheless. My problem with it however, and I thought maybe it would go away on the second viewing but it didn’t, is that George Clooney, it’s official...

He’s lost me.

I can’t watch a George Clooney movie anymore without seeing George Clooney. In other words, whatever he’s doing up there, I don’t believe him. I don’t believe George more than I don’t believe Brad Pitt. At least in Moneyball, I could go there with Brad Pitt as Billy Beane. This time in The Descendants, I couldn’t separate George Clooney from his character. You could argue that back in the day, in the days of Monroe and Taylor and Gable and the rest, that that was what defined the Movie Star. But back in the day, they went to the movies to see Movie Stars. People don’t go to movies for Movie Stars anymore. The Movie Star might even be dying. I wonder then if George and his increasingly archaic Hollywood playbook, I wonder how he’ll confront this truth as he moves forward with his career past 50 years old. It really might be time to move permanently behind the camera.