George Clooney is not dating the lawyer?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2013 15:25:20 October 30, 2013 15:25:20

George Clooney stepped out for dinner in London the other night with a woman who has since been identified as Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer who’s supposedly on Julian Assange’s legal team. Everyone assumed, since she’s attractive, and since he’s George Clooney, that they’re now dating.

But US Weekly reports that they’re just friends. Because, according to their sources, George is still hooking up with Monika Jakisic and that she’s still sleeping over at his hotel. This… makes a lot of sense. Now that I know Alamuddin is …independent, well, it’s not usually an attribute you associate with a Clooney candidate. Consider the professions of the women he’s dated in the last 10 years. It’d be like if Leonardo DiCaprio fell in love with an accountant. Come on now.


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