The Italian Queen: Team Jolie?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 1, 2010 08:10:47 June 1, 2010 08:10:47

As you know, I’ve been all over her Twitter because, well, she wants me to be. She wants you to be. That’s the point of it. Elisabetta Canalis currently has almost 800 followers, nearly triple and growing steadily since we first noticed it when I was in Cannes. After all, it’s only one step away from George. And she doesn’t have a privacy setting in place either. Really, really love The Italian Queen so much.

Yesterday, The Italian Queen retweeted a message from a friend. For those of you who don’t use Twitter, retweeting means re-posting someone else’s message onto your own page, usually because you want to support it, unless otherwise noted. And this is the message she retweeted:

“sto sfogliando il nuovo Rolling Stone. Iggy Pop in copertina è il sosia di Jennifer Aniston.”

Translation: I’m flipping through the new Rolling Stone. Iggy Pop on the cover is the double of Jennifer Aniston.

Oh no she didn’t.


She’s amazing.

And she has met Angelina Jolie. On several occasions. Including the UNICEF Ball last December where they all sat at the same table, the Brange, George, and The Italian Queen to honour Jerry Weintraub. Of course The IQ would be a Team Jolie. It’s not even a question. But will she get in sh-t for it? Well, he lets her get away with everything else...

Here they are, George Clooney and the Queen out for a bike ride yesterday in Malibu. And a video below, not his best frankly, of George saluting Matt Damon’s American Cinematheque Award. Clooney was unable to attend and sent this clip instead and while his pranks are usually very clever, this one fell flat. You can see on Matt’s face, he thought so too.

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