Sarah Larson has just signed a new modeling contract – at 28 years old, it’s a rare accomplishment. She strutted down the catwalk the other day in Vegas for a charity fashion show and was asked by reporters about how she met George Clooney, how long they’ve known each other, and what she has planned next.

For the record, she’ll be summering in Italy…or as she put it:

"We"ll be in Como, which isn"t that far from Milano.”



Is that like Madonna’s English accent?

Sit DOWN Sarah Larson!

As for what George thinks of her new “career”, whether or not he’s been supportive, says Sarah "Your boyfriend better be. If they aren"t, you gotta kick "em in the butt and walk away."

Bitch… please!

Like Sarah Larson’s suddenly the poster girl for independent women???

I love it when these twats start believing their own press.

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