The Hollywood Foreign Press Association confirmed yesterday that George Clooney will be the 2015 recipient of the Cecil B DeMille Award.

You think they’re giving it to him on the just the work…and not because they want him to show up at their party?

Come on. It’s the HFPA. You know the reputation. And you know, for them, it’s about attracting the stars, it’s about who’ll be seated at the front table. It’s about nominating THE TOURIST so that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp would come.

So of course they’d want George Clooney there. Especially just months after his wedding, his first Golden Globes with his new wife. Please. I’d do the same thing if I was on the board.

And it doesn’t just stop at Clooney. It’s also about who he asks to present the award to him. Does he ask Matt Damon? Matt and John Krasinski, a double team? Will it be his soul brother Grant Heslov? Even though we know they’re really not that close, will he just pick Brad Pitt anyway because Clooney understands about giving the people what they want? Could he kick it old school Doug Ross and ask Julianna Margulies?

My vote…

Julia Roberts.

She would make it all about herself. She would make you crazy. It’d be the height of entertainment.

As for the wedding…

Like I said yesterday, it’s all they can talk about in Venice. Now the new rumour is that they’re going to shut down the Grand Canal for his wedding procession. And that his good friend Walter Veltroni, former mayor of Rome, will officiate.