What do you think it is...as he stares adoringly at ARod and his ass? I’m sure it’s just an awkwardly timed photo.

George and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler are in Mexico with all his closest friends. Stacy seems to be getting on well with all the Clooney Crew WAGs, especially Cindy Crawford. But Cindy must be so used to this by now too. Every 2 years or so she’s expected to initiate a new one.

As for George in 2012, well, he hopes to start it off with a major showing during award season. Relax now before the carpets. From January to the end of February, it’s almost an event every weekend until the Oscars. Has Stacy even met the Jolie? This is what I want to see when they come back from commercial break at the Golden Globes. And the dick measuring that goes on in these situations as Brad waits out George to bring his new piece over to pay her respects. You love this game.