George Clooney received the Ripple of Hope Award at the Robert F Kennedy Centre for Justice & Human Rights last night in New York. His dad was with him. And the Italian Queen as well. She’s just passed the 18 month mark and there’s no reason to believe she won’t sail through 2 years and beyond. Every time she makes an appearance she’s looking more and more secure. That’s been the mistake of her predecessors though: getting too comfortable. Then again Elisabetta Canalis isn’t Sarah Larson. Ely is savvy. Ely knows her purpose. And Ely has somehow made it so that she’s presentable to the family. It’s hard to believe just a few short months ago she was allegedly connected to a drugs and prostitution ring back home in Milan.

George Clooney is the real life Obliviate charm for scandal. If he wanted to I bet you he could do the same for Tiger Woods.

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