As you know, I’ve been saying for a while now that the girlfriend situation for publicity and awards just isn’t working for George Clooney. Just bring your parents!

Well, it turns out that Mother Clooney will actually make an appearance at the Oscars on Sunday. Deadline is reporting the Academy will feature nominee moms during the pre-show, sharing hilarious and embarrassing anecdotes about their children in an attempt to make Hollywood more “relatable”. What’s up MiniVan Majority?

The “mominees” of George Clooney, Melissa McCarthy, and Gary Oldman will be profiled. Is it too late though for G since voting has already closed?

No matter. One way or another, his ma will be there...alongside Stacy Keibler? It wouldn’t be the first time she’s stepped out with one of his pieces. Check out Mrs Clooney with the former Italian Queen in 2009 while promoting Up In The Air. But she is BEAUTIFUL, isn’t she? (Mrs Clooney, obviously) And, really, George, mom as your date through award season would have been your slamdunk. Instead, you and Keibler let Weinstein and Dujardin into the lead. A month ago, this chart was Clooney across the board. Now it’s Dujardin by 60-40ish.