The LA Times broke the news yesterday that George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, originally expected to be an award season contender, will now be pushed to early 2014. According to Clooney and his producing partner Grant Heslov, they don’t have enough time to complete the special effects. Here’s what’s interesting – Clooney would not give the LA Times an exact release, confirming only that his film would be released during the first quarter of the new year. But the studio apparently offered to open The Monuments Men in February…


How did a December movie become a February movie?

How did a December movie that was said to have some Oscar chances become a February movie?

Clooney’s insisting that it’s only logistics. And that he never intended his movie for award season. What he wanted, he says, from the beginning was for it to be a commercial success. So…what are its commercial possibilities in February?

Well… it won’t have any competition, that’s true. And February is an INTENSE award season campaign period. Clooney could be making the rounds for Gravity and August: Osage County anyway. It’s like multi-tasking.

Or…it’s like everybody get the f-ck out the way because 12 Years A Slave.

Which I kinda love. I love that they’ve all seen it, these people who can convince themselves of anything, who make a living convincing themselves of anything, and even they can’t convince themselves that their films are anywhere near as good.

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