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It was announced earlier this week that the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar, starring George Clooney, will have its UK premiere not in London but at the Glasgow Film Festival on February 17 just a few days after its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 11. Sarah wrote about the film and the trailer in October – click here for a refresher.

However, Hail Caesar will be in theatres in North America on February 5th. Which means that George should start promotion soon. We won’t have to wait long to see the Clooneys in 2016. And we won’t to wait too much longer after that for Clooney to be on the sell again because he’ll be back in Money Monster, with Julia Roberts, directed by Jodie Foster, in May.

All of that is just an excuse though to get to posting a photo I wasn’t able to post yesterday. Millie Clooney has now joined the family business. Apparently this shot was taken by George himself. Which is why she looks so over it. Like, just give me the cookie, you asshole.


George’s dog Millie was adopted October 28th 2015 and has jumped right into our #HouseOfFriends boyyyy! #DogHouseOfFriends

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Anyway, the People’s Choice Awards were last night. I didn’t watch. Because they’re meaningless, and the big names who do go never, ever walk the carpet. You know who was on the carpet though? I Can’t Ariana Grande’s brother. So don’t feel like you missed anything. We’ll cover a few highlights but please check the LifeStyle page through the day for some fashion commentary.

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