My usual approach to a George Clooney girlfriend is never to post an article about her all by herself without including photos of him. Because, usually, HE is the story. Also, they mostly have sh-tty style. Ahem, Stacy Keibler.

But Amal Alamuddin is breaking with the formula in so many ways. For starters, she doesn’t want a job on Dancing With The Stars. The job she does have, as many of you have suggested, kinda makes her the female Mark Darcy. Which would make George Clooney the Bridget Jones in the relationship.


In other words, Amal is actually deserving to be a celebrity in her own right, no matter who she’s dating. And – bonus! She knows about clothes.

Check out her leaving their NY hotel yesterday in a great pair of pants and an even better pair of shoes. Flat shoes! So she’s stylish AND practical.

Finally, right?

Finally George Clooney is bringing a woman to the table who can match… Brange!

That’s the Power Foursome, right there. Rub your Gossip Genies for this OK? Rub it ‘til it’s raw and sore and let’s make this happen together.