You will love this.

As you know, for the last couple of months, George Clooney has been squiring around a young lass called Sarah Larsen. Sarah has been identified as a one time Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant who has taken leave at her job to accompany her john around the world.

And john really is the operative word. It is well known George’s disdain for commitment, which is why he plays it smart, staying away from the clingers and the over 30, and staying close to those who are happy on hire, who look good, who can provide a service between the sheets and something to look at during dinner – girls who don’t need to have an opinion and are happy to spend the day shopping while he’s busy at work on the set.

Kinda like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Actually… EXACTLY like Pretty Woman.

Check it out – the most entertaining video of the girls: women hired by online gaming outfits to entertain clients…and more. They spice up conventions, they parade freely around hotels dressed in the shortest shorts in the tightest titty tops, and it is common knowledge that they stay “after hours” when needed, and when the price is right.

Given how free they are when the cameras are ON, can you imagine how free they must be when the cameras are OFF and the cash is flowing? Sarah doesn’t seem very inhibited, does she?

I’m told she was a favourite on the circuit and supposedly enjoyed the Sapphic experience – as you can see from the video, she appears to be very comfortable with her colleagues, grabbing a handful of beautiful lady ass and pretending to bite it. What a classy girl.

Isn’t George a lucky duck? And still the MiniVan Majority tenaciously holds onto its illusion: that he will change for the right women. Problem for them is…

Sarah Larsen is the right woman. This is what George wants.

Here he is yesterday on the set of Burn After Reading in Washington where he’s been keeping a low profile.

Click here for the girl clip – NOT QUITE safe for work. Enjoy!