Most people get up on stage when they win and thank a list of agents and lawyers and studio people. If they're genuinely surprised, like Octavia Spencer, we are treated to moments of endearing fumbling and mumbling. When it's a veteran, it can be cheeky and charming, gratitude mixed with bemusement, as was the case with Christopher Plummer.

Then there are those for whom it's no surprise. George Clooney wasn't surprised. And he doesn't insult you with the pretense of it. I appreciated this, no matter how rehearsed he seemed during that speech about his parents and how they grew up ploughing the fields, or whatever, and how all of this, his life, his acting, is just the extra on top of the fortunate opportunities that arose from his parents’ struggles.

It’s like watching a politician speaking to his constituency. This is who he is. He’s the President of Hollywood. Or at least the Governor. Our current Chairman of the Board, holding court like Frank Sinatra used to.

And, of course, always with a date.

Stacy Keibler wore white. Kinda like Pippa Middleton. A bridesmaid. But I think this is the best way she’s styled her hair. Soft, light, not the mother of the bridey. Check her out in the press room, waiting while Clooney deals with the media following his win, patiently, completely content in her role. The Italian Queen would not have been so accommodating.  Keibler will receive an excellent 6 month performance review.