George Michael’s boyfriend Kenny Goss has suffered through 13 years of bathroom raids and late night forest visits and according to the UK tabloids, he’s finally walked out on George’s extracurricular habits. George however is now denying reports of a split. His rep says it’s still on and that while Kenny has been travelling, he plans to return to London this weekend for a romantic reunion.

George for years has insisted theirs is an open relationship. He prefers to find his treasure in the woods, Kenny’s pleasure probably comes online…

The way it’s done in modern times.

But dude likes to get his sh-t done in the trees…which was perhaps the only way to roll in 1978 but these days, it’s as easy as firing up the laptop and hitting up a chatroom. Half an hour later, the doorbell rings and we’re good to go.

Can’t understand why he hasn’t figured this out. I guess George likes it old school.

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