The year is the limit, right? After a year, you can’t call yourself a newlywed anymore? How about the term “new mom”? A year too, right?

Amal and George Clooney, the no-longer newlyweds were in New York last night to celebrate the 15th anniversary of O Brother, Where Art Thou. Amal skipped the carpet and stayed undercover while George was on stage for the Q&A but they hit up the party together later because…well…George Clooney never skips the after-party. I feel like this is where they would have to be compatible too. Since marriage, he hasn’t cut back on the after-party and she seems to enjoy it too. This is why I’m not sure about the kids thing. Because once the kids come, there are fewer and fewer after-parties.

If you care, George talked to PEOPLE on the carpet last night about his first year of marriage. It’s “fun”. Click here to read that post although it’s not all that exciting.

Anyway, Amal is wearing Versace that doesn’t look like Versace and we were talking about hair in the post about Amanda Seyfried yesterday, remember? Click here for a refresher. I wrote that Amanda’s an exception in that her hair is all hers. Amal too. And I don’t think I could take Amal in a hair-off either.