That title, without the question mark, was the original. But then I remembered that Amal Clooney was actually at one of the Monuments Men premieres, although at that point, she and George hadn’t made their declaration yet. So while they’ve walked several carpets together, this can be considered the first time they’ve walked a carpet together for one of his movie openings.

The Clooneys were joined by Amal’s niece, Mia, 13, an appropriate guest for Disney’s Tomorrowland. This might be the closest we’ll ever come to seeing Clooney as a father figure, although George, at 54, is a year younger than Warren Beatty when he and Annette Bening had their first child. And he also keeps talking about how Amal “changed everything”:

"All I know is that it sort of changed everything in terms of what I thought my future – my personal future – was going to be," he told PEOPLE when asked how connecting with Amal, 37, a distinguished human rights lawyer, changed his vision for the future. "But I've always been an optimist about the world," the actor, 54, continued. "I wasn’t always completely optimistic about how it was going to work out personally for me. But now I am."

I mean that’s going to be the next question, isn’t it? Right now, since Tomorrowland has been his first real press tour after his wedding, the focus has been on Amal and being married. Next time, totally babies. Can you see it though?