George Clooney too was a friend collector well before Taylor Swift. So while Taylor was hosting all her friends in Rhode Island for the Fourth of July, George spent the holiday in Italy, at his Lake Como estate, with Amal and Julia Roberts’s husband and kids. Julia and Danny Moder were celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary. That they chose to do so with the Clooneys? More evidence then that Julia and Amal are tight.

On Saturday they all gathered to watch fireworks on the water. George had his arm around Amal on the boat. From the shots of the front view of the boat, you can see Julia and Danny in the corner on the right. Last night the Clooneys had dinner with friends, including Karen Duffy, who he’s been close with now for 20 years. Duffy has seen them all come and go. Duffy has seen them all at Como. Interesting too because last week it was reported by the tabloids that George is ready to sell his Como home – something about the paps being too intrusive. It’s not like they’re more intrusive now than they were five years ago. He loves it there. He shot one of his movies there. Is he actually ready to let go of it?