George Clooney was at work again this past weekend on Money Monster in New York. And Amal came to visit again. And something must have been really funny because there were big laughs and, as you can see from George’s various facial expressions, they’re still honeymooning because I don’t think he’s ever found a woman so interesting. At least not when the cameras are around.

Oh stop being so cynical. Definitely don’t be cynical around Julia Roberts. Because if you fear only one person, it’s her. And she would blast your ass for talking sh-t about her friend George and his lovely wife Amal. Speaking of Julia, she was around too and she and George were hanging out on set as well except not during Amal’s visit so…we’re still waiting on that photo: Amal Clooney and Julia Roberts. It’s almost like they know how much that one would be worth and they’re saving it.

In other Clooney news, Tomorrowland is coming out in a month. He’ll have to start promoting it soon. A new character poster was just released today:

Well that’s a movie star shot, isn’t it?