It’s not only Amal Clooney’s first time on the Cannes red steps, it’s also the first time for Julia Roberts! All this time she’s never been there. Look at this shot of her though. Even though she’s never experienced it, she’ll still point her finger like she knows. GOD I LOVE HER.

Anyway yellow seems to be the colour of the carpet so far this Cannes. Jessica Chastain and Anna Kendrick both wore yellow last night. Amal looks like she’s in Versace. I haven’t verified this but I feel like this is the Versace gathering – in the material, you’ve seen it many times, non? Not exactly the most fashion forward but I’m not mad at it because this is Cannes. And Cannes is less fashion forward than it is extra, extra, put on a ball gown.

As for Julia, for me, it’s that emerald around her neck that’s stealing the show. And she’s giving me a serious case of the Angelina Jolies with this whole look. Couldn’t you see the Jolie in this dress and with this necklace? The hair is glorious too. By the way, I’ve not seen any shots of Danny Moder. So…get ready for the rumours.