Not together, no. But can you imagine?

They were however both at the beach yesterday in Malibu. Spittle and his weird spittle mouth looking like he’s posing for the paps and the Filthy Canadian Scab in white, as usual, with the man they’re calling her latest – apparently they met at a deluxe trailer park – enjoying Memorial Day Monday.

Scabby is just coming off a trip to Vienna. Those Euros they go crazy for her fake tits. And Spittle, well Spittle just spent some time in India, very low key, said to be visiting his supposed girlfriend Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra. He also hung out with the Slumdog kids – photos here.

I met someone in Cannes who spent a few days with him there. All credit to Spittle, apparently he couldn’t be sweeter, was very charitable, and abstained from alcohol always.

Spittle can next be seen in The Ugly Truth, opening July 24th, with the Crown Princess of AssTalk herself Katherine Heigl. The trailer is below. Did Kate Hudson pass on this one? Shocking.

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