Arguments for:

  • I don’t know… supposedly he’s a ladies’ man and horny women want him and they would cut each other for the right to stuff money in his 300 diaper
  • He sings. So this must mean he’s the true Phantom of the Opera.
  • Fake romance with Jennifer Aniston = MiniVan approval because she is THEM.
  • Ten thousand movies released within the last 5 months including a romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl that performed reasonably well at the box office
  • Good job on Saturday Night Live
  • He loves himself. He thinks he deserves it

Arguments against

  • Ew
  • Ew
  • Gross
  • Gross
  • Spittle
  • Nasty mouth
  • Lindsay Lohan…although this must be why he’s been so desperate to refute those rumours
  • Too much of a player
  • Not American. And again, if a non-American is going to take this, a young Brit stands a better chance over a bloaty Scot

Odds: 7 to 1