Arguments for:
-Personally I canΓÇÖt think of any
-If I had to stretch, IΓÇÖd say that some people think he did a good job in Coriolanus and itΓÇÖs making an Oscar run so the studio might be pushing for it
-Some horny ladies are into this Scottish mess. Specifically, his rabid fan club which is mobilising to get him some kind of nomination. Contain your laughter.
-He does qualify as Man, I suppose. Barely evolved, but Man nonetheless

Arguments against:
-So many. Like, heΓÇÖs gross
-Machine Gun Preacher sucked.
-Is the MiniVan Majority, those who donΓÇÖt belong to the Gerry B fanclub, actually going to see Coriolanus???
-HeΓÇÖs not American. If PEOPLE is to go two years in a row naming a non-USA to the SMA title, itΓÇÖll be Robert Pattinson before Gerard Butler.

Odds: 23 to 1