Gerard Butler was supposedly seeing some French lady a few weeks ago. Click here for the photos. Her name is irrelevant. Because she’s clearly irrelevant. To him. Now that he’s spraying his spittle all over some other piece in Serbia, there on location shooting a new movie. Name? Doesn’t matter. She won’t matter by tomorrow morning. So why should you bother?

The blonde is apparently a model. And like the ones who came before, she’s probably hoping she can finally stop the slobber from spreading to the next. Impossible.

It’s not that he’s Kate Hudson’s equivalent. Promiscuity is not the problem. The problem is that he’s a chauvinist pig. And that so many cougar horns have this misguided notion that he’s a true life amalgam of the Phantom of the Opera and the dead dude he played in PS I Love You. That Gerry B is some kind of a knight. A gallant gentleman who may or may not attend his fan conventions. By the way, have you booked yet? It’s less than a month away. But the point is, this is not the man riding up in a white horse ready to rescue you. This is a douche who rolls up in a pick up truck, nails you in the backseat behind a drive-thru, gives you some cash for fries, and tells you to take the bus home.

Photos from INF