According to L’Oreal and, um, the women who attend Gerard Butler Fan Conventions, Spittle does indeed represent some sort of Man Ideal, and now they’re paying him to be their spokesperson.

Just announced: Gerard Butler is the L’Oreal Paris worldwide spokesperson for the brand’s Men Expert range of products representing the Hydra Energetic Line. Perhaps they didn’t see The Bounty Hunter.

I watched The Bounty Hunter recently when I was down with food poisoning. There is a scene, right at the beginning, when Spittle sits down to eat a sandwich and the food, it starts flying around his lips, and his dirty hands and the moisture in his mouth, he’s straight up spraying his co-star, that sh-t is not good on a regular day, but on a day when clams are f-cking with your system, that sh-t is the WORST. Goddamn he is vile.

But now they’ve decided that Vile Douche has suddenly become aspirational. They want to create Clone Spittles. A Spittle Army.

Why not just go to Vegas?

This is Spittle singing karaoke last week in Michigan on location for a new movie. Spittle singing. Opening his mouth and singing. Just dry heaved.

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