Someone in Hollywood decided it would be a good idea to make a movie featuring Gerard Butler in a wetsuit. The film is called Of Men & Mavericks. Naturally. Spittle Gerry is nothing if not a maverick. Men & Mavericks tells the story of young Jay Moriarity, an extreme surfer who rose to prominence at 16 when he wiped out at Half Moon Bay. He drowned in 2001 in a diving accident. Spittle is to play his mentor. (Source)

And, as you can see from these shots of him on set the other day, he is shirtless for his “Gals” who are no doubt now rubbing themselves as hard as they did for him in 300.

Gals? Who?

His hardcore fanbase. They call themselves “GBGALS”. And their ability to mobilise is impressive. They, apparently, were the ones who forced through the standing ovation for Machine Gun Preacher at TIFF which surprised so many of us because, well, have you read the reviews?

But the Gals, they are tireless. A reader called Irena sent this to me a couple of weeks ago. This email has been circulating:

A Call to Arms for Team Gerry!

As you know, we rarely send site e-mails, but feel the below request warrants us doing so.

Word on the street is that the "Powers That Be" are "pleasantly surprised" by the number of hits the Machine Gun Preacher in such a short time. There are also indications that the commentary is being monitored, also. (At the time of this writing, the number of views stood at 418,562). It is suspected that info gleaned from the YouTube Movie Trailer page may be used in making the decision to go wider with release!

Gerry's fanbase likes to think it's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supporting any of his projects or causes. It's time to galvanize for a "grass roots" push. Gerry's fanbase has been contacted by those trying to "helm" Machine Gun Preacher to wider release. Producers are reaching out to us (not just GALS, but ALL of Gerry's fans) to rise to a challenge!

What's the challenge? View the YOUTUBE MOVIE TRAILER as often as possible and make as many unique comments as possible (use all of your email addresses ;)). The MGP Execs would like to achieve 500k views by the end of the week.

We need to pull out all the stops! Email the link to friends, post on all your pages, blog your blogs, do whatever you can do to drive traffic to the YouTube Movie Trailer. This is a time to branch out from your comfort zones and spread the word for not only for TEAM GERRY, but this extraordinary film!

THANKS! Now, get out there and VIEW, POST AND PROMOTE...repeat...

Dr. Em
GBGALS Owner and Site Administrator

No idea if “GBGALS” and the “Gerard Butler Fan Convention”, that amazing thing I wrote about last year - click here for a refresher - are the same thing but I’m confident there’s more than a little overlap. The Gerard Butler Fan Convention just celebrated its 6th anniversary. Have you checked out the site? I highly recommend it. Click here.

The fans, they can skew. Imagine a world in which the Gals and the Twi-Hards, they joined forces?