I have a problem with portion control and I just ate way too much for lunch and chasing all of it by reading a story about Gerard Butler’s flirting method isn’t helping to keep it down.

Spittle is currently promoting his next sh-t movie Playing For Keeps opening December 7th. I don’t understand why people keep casting him. Based on what? 300? That was 6 years ago. Doesn’t it expire eventually?

Anyway, during an interview with CNN, Spits talks about how he learned about flirting because, I guess, he’s such a lady killer these days:

“[T]here was a girl ... she was running up the stairs and I said something and I let it linger...something like 'Oh really? Well, we'll see.’ And I just kept looking at her and she looked at me and there was this moment, and suddenly my heart jumped and I could tell that it did that with her, too! And I went...OK, that's flirting. And that works! And that's exciting!" It's just that nice moment where you give them an extra smile, especially with women. That seems to be my memory of the first moment when I learned how to flirt - you know, have an effect on women like that.”

“You give them an extra smile”...

The way he says it it’s like whoever’s on the receiving end of his flirt should be thankful. Here he is turning you on in Miami Beach today. Would you be thankful after getting the sex eyes from this dude?