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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 27, 2009 08:10:20 November 27, 2009 08:10:20

Spittle Gerard Butler was partying at The Groucho Club in London last night with Natalie Imbruglia and Kimberly Stewart, surrounded by paps when they left. Spittle had a short fuse as he was followed by a few embarrassing female fans who were getting lippy with him. According to the paps, the girls were so annoying that Spittle ended up snapping at them:

“You know what, you go to get a f-cking life, is that what you’re about?”

Maybe it wasn’t the most gracious thing to say but really… if you’re shaming yourself and giggling drunk ass around town in the middle of the night over Spittle Gerry, you’re asking for a bitchslap.

Spittle however is also asking for a bitchslap. Because those jeans…the way he is wearing those jeans, it’s like he’s trying to kill my quiver forever. They’re new and they cling, and they wrap around his groin and thighs with no hang whatsoever, and you know I have a thing about pants. When they’re worn well it’s the horniest quiver ever. But when they are worn badly, the effect is akin to food poisoning. I look at him in these pants and I feel skeeved. Instant nausea. Dry heaved a little too.

I will never, ever get it for Spittle. Ever.

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