In Smutty Tingles on October 19 I wrote that I was “very curious about the box office for this Gerard Butler movie”. Gerard Butler makes a lot of movies. But none of his movies perform well enough to justify why he gets so many movies. (Please don’t come back at me here with How To Train Your Dragon because I promise you no one in Hollywood ascribed the success of HTTYD to Gerard Butler.)

Butler’s latest movie Chasing Mavericks just opened in 13th place at $2.27 million. They’re saying it might not even get to $5 million before it’s pulled from theatres. (Source)  And, not surprisingly, reviews were not all that strong. Here’s Butler yesterday in New York at the Daily Show which is confusing to me for two reasons: the Daily Show was cancelled yesterday and... I saw him on the Daily Show last week, or a couple of weeks ago. Jacek laughed his way through the clip they showed and we turned it off a minute into the interview. Maybe he was there this time to talk about Playing For Keeps.

Yes, Butler will be back on screens in December alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mrs Justin Timberlake as a single father who coaches his kid’s soccer team...? If you can make it through the entire trailer, let me know if I’m totally off about the plot.