UK gossips are reporting that Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand are dating. According to the Sun, they got on really well at the Closing Ceremony at the Olympics -- so much that he dumped girlfriend (of a few weeks) Isabella Brewster to spend more time with Geri in London. The two have been seen walking around the city, holding hands, and her daughter appears to be comfortable with him too.  Supposedly the two are “very serious” already.

Here are my assumptions, based only on what I’m reading in the papers:

Brand marries a performer. She’s young. It doesn’t work out. He then dates a woman who prefers the background, not a performer but an agent and much lower maintenance. Now though... he’s with another performer. So... the man prefers his women dramatic? You could say he gets off on the ones who want the spotlight and the rush that comes with it. For our purposes then, I like it. There’s a lot of explosive smutty potential in these say nothing of how Katy Perry will deal.

Attached - Brand with the Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony and Geri out at a meeting last week.