They started dating a month ago. Now Geri has agreed to marry him. Confirmed her reps:

We are delighted to announce the engagement of Geri Halliwell and Fabrizio Politi.” Fabrizio is apparently a yacht tycoon. Not sure what that is but his job is unimportant. His looks are secondary too. What’s essential is that he’s very, very wealthy. Like not just pop star wealthy but boat people wealthy. Boat people wealthy tends to be obscenely wealthy. For girls like Geri and girls like Posh, money is akin to kindness in a man. Geri’s done well.

Here they are over the course of their courtship, from London to the Maldives, truly a whirlwind romance. But no rush to marriage. Apparently they’ll enjoy a long engagement before making it official. Because everyone knows engagement means trial period…right? Isn’t that the new definition?

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