Would you choose this dress?

Like, I get it that not all white dresses are necessarily bridal dresses, obviously. But this dress, seen here on Geri Halliwell at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation party in London, THIS dress could only be a bridal dress. Right???

It was a fancy person party, yes. Fancy person gowns were preferred, of course. I dunno, I guess I just think it’s a little strange to show up at a gala in a bridal dress. As if there was a shortage of regular fancy non bridal dresses.

No? Just me?

Let’s explore what the rationale would have been for choosing this dress, a dress that is SO undeniably a bridal dress that even Jacek, my clueless husband (for style), was able to identify this event, immediately, as a wedding and was hilariously surprised to find out that it wasn’t which... says it all.

Ginger Geri, somehow, chose to wear a wedding gown to a charity event...?

What’s fascinating to me is that I would assume that most people would look at this wedding gown and say to themselves - no, I shouldn’t wear this wedding gown tonight because, well, IT’S NOT MY WEDDING. But the times, they have changed. These days, you should do whatever makes you happy!, live your best life!, do what you want!, be the light inside out!, wear it if you want to!, don’t let anyone hold you back!

This new world view, it has sartorial consequences. One of which is Geri Halliwell wearing a wedding gown to an event that is not her wedding. I am asking you - are we supposed to be ok with that?

Am also attaching photos of Claire Forlani. Remember Joe Black? This is what I would chosen to wear. And exactly the simple, elegant way she’s wearing it.

Photos from Wenn.com and Ben Pruchnie/Gettyimages.com