Because she’s sure is whoring it out like she does.

Check out Geri Halliwell showing off her big ass new engagement ring valued at almost half a million (US$) arriving in Madrid today with her new fiancé – the “yacht tycoon” (???) – taking a page out of Victoria Beckham’s airport paparazzi styles…

It’ll help with the negotiations, you know?

The wedding photos.

You think Ginger will actually keep it private and not sell them?


All of this is about leverage. A tester on the market, see how much standard candids during their engagement will fetch as a framework for gauging how lucrative the actual ceremony shots might be.

But he’s already a super rich dude…

It’s not always about the money. There is some pride involved too.

Problem – it’s only Geri. And in this economy, there are better ways to spend money. Or save it.

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