Hate being wrong. But love being wrong when it means Mike Myers sucks ass. And Mike Myers sucked very large ass this weekend at the box office. A fourth place finished. FOURTH!!! Not only was he unable to win, he couldn’t even make it close! The Love Guru is a critical and commercial bomb!

Get Smart on the other hand – after a couple of clunkers, including last year’s terrible Evan Almighty, Steve Carell finally came back on top. At the expense of the douchebag triumvirate Mike, Pip, and the Alba Bitch.

Oh happy day!

On so many levels.

Love that PipWeasel Justin Timberlake can’t fellate his own ego and claim responsibility for victory, although that certainly doesn’t prevent him from pulling out his sucky baby and crying about it later on. Love that there is STILL no justification for putting Jessica Alba in a movie. Any movie.

But most of all, love that Mike Myers is getting his. After treating so many people like sh*t on the set of that film, and other films too, it appears not even a friend of Deepak Chopra is immune to the karmic bitchslap.

And just in case you’re on the fence about Mike’s true character – you should hear what former hockey players are saying about him after having to work for him last summer while shooting the movie.

As you may know, The Love Guru centres around a hockey team. Hockey is supposed to be Mike’s favourite sport. Retired NHL players were hired to fill the roles. At the end of several 12 hour shoots, on the very last day, a few of the players requested a photo with the star. They were told to go wait outside his trailer.

These are not stalker super fans. These are athletes, former National Hockey League players, HIRED TO BE IN HIS MOVIE, who simply wanted to commemorate their experience with a picture.

Outside Mike’s trailer… fifteen minutes pass. Mike won’t come out. Half and hour. No Mike. 45 minutes. Mike’s still inside. Then his bodyguard comes out and tells the guys that it’s not going to happen. But the guys are persistent. And at this point they’re pissed. Like – there’s no f&cking way we’re leaving without a measly photo!

He made them wait an hour and a half. And at the end of it all… nothing.

Not one photo.

Is that a hometown boy you want to be cheering for?