I’ve written about it before -- that 22 year old skin, on Jennifer Lawrence, is what they’re trying to recreate in plastic surgeons’ offices. Her skin isn’t just unblemished, it’s also full of youthful lift -- those cheekbones are in their prime. And, well, the reality is that it’s a short window. Then comes moisture loss. Then they drop. And that’s why they hit up their doctors and ask for injections, injections so extreme, they sometimes push everything far too high, to the point where even their eyes get smaller. Ahem, Renee Zellweger?

The downside to that, of course, for actors is that the casting agents and directors are becoming increasingly unwilling to put “unnatural” faces in front of the camera -- in film, like proper films. Most people I talked to this weekend were of the opinion that the over-Botoxed, too much filler look is becoming so associated with reality television and real housewives that real celebrities are, more and more, searching for non-invasive anti-aging alternatives that allow them to resemble themselves while still maintaining the “glow”.

One of those options, and in my opinion, the best option, is the microderm + cold gel laser double shot. I’ve been doing it for almost a year, never been happier with my skin. Click here to read my previous extensive report on the treatment. What’s interesting about though is the reaction some members of the dermatology community have had to this option. And you know why? My theory is that it’s all about money. One visit with my magic skin lady, Lorinda Zimmerman, lasts for months. And it’s cheaper. But the question isn’t about morality, it’s just basic... fear. Despite protestations otherwise, you don’t know how you’ll react to injections because everyone responds differently. How do I know if my lips will go back to normal if I get them done and they explode? Look at Lindsay Lohan. It’s a slippery slope. At some point, you can’t go back. In the end, whether or not you decide to go the Botox and filler route is up to you. All I’m saying is that before taking a route that might be irreversible, why not try the non-invasive option first? Celebrities are beginning to come around to this.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are actors flying in from LA every day just to see Lorinda Zimmerman, often at the request of the studios, to get their faces taken care of before beginning production. She’s in Vancouver and almost half of her client base comes in from out of town. That bitch won’t name names but I was at the Weinstein party on Saturday night and was talking to a publicist for a lead actress in a television show and when I mentioned I live in Vancouver, she was all like, I heard that everyone who shoots in Vancouver has been seeing this cold gel laser specialist -- do you know who she is?

Here’s what I recently learned about the cold gel laser system -- they use it in rehabilitation hospitals for injuries which is how it was originally developed. Athletes are now getting treated with it in hospitals to speed up healing. So it was a healing agent first... before they discovered its anti-aging properties. Which is how it works on your skin. It heals, promoting your body’s natural collagen production. The effects are amazing. And they reveal themselves over a couple of months, because of how your skin responds to the laser stimulation. Again -- non-invasive and NO DOWNTIME. I’m usually in makeup an hour after I’ve had it done.

I’m telling you, I got Sasha onto Lorinda and she lost her mind. Lorinda Zimmerman is the creator of the micro/laser double shot treatment and the only one to use the combination Swiss technology with organic gel products from Paris. She was the North American trainer for the treatment before opening her private practice.

Last time I wrote about Lorinda, many of you emailed asking if there are similar services in your city. For the first time she is offering the service in TORONTO from March 12 - 22. If you are interested, click here and/or call 604-731-2711 to book. Sasha and I are giving away FIVE treatments. If you are in Toronto and would like to enter the random draw, email [email protected] by Friday March 1 at Noon ET.

Please note -- this is not an advertisement; I have NO professional association with Lorinda Zimmerman. There’s no gain for me here. I’m telling you this because I’ve been in Hollywood for 6 days and the LA Face is OUT OF CONTROL. Especially at the Oscars.