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On this week’s episode of What’s Your Drama, Sasha and I talk about threesomes and then we talk about embarrassing things that happen during sex like farts, queefing, and, yeah, sometimes your period.  

I LOVE ketchup. I put ketchup on eggs. I put ketchup on mac and cheese. I will dip potato chips in ketchup. Sometimes I dip my Cheetos in ketchup. So… I’m not at all bothered by Heinz’s new Valentine’s Day ketchup caviar. In fact, I’m actually kinda curious how it works. What it’s like when the flavour bursts in my mouth. Is it coming to Canada??? (Dlisted) 
Stop. Collaborate and listen. Chris Pine is here with a brand new edition. Of "Ice Ice Baby." Have you seen this yet? Is Chris Pine your Best Chris? Is he STILL your Best Chris? Because I’m too fickle for this. The smallest things can kill a crush for me, not that I ever had one on Chris Pine to begin with. But this isn’t exactly moving me in that direction, although I do appreciate his willingness to make a joke of himself. (Pajiba)

Awkwafina is practising KonMari like millions of other people out there. I still haven’t watched a single episode even though my Netflix algorithm keeps telling me to. I don’t need the Kondo method. I have Chinese New Year! (TMZ) 
Here’s the latest Elie Saab haute couture collection which… to be honest… everything right now next to that unbelievable Valentino show the other day pales in comparison. That said, even though the thing this year is obviously ballgowns, Elie Saab has always been about ballgowns. I’m sure we’ll see at least one of these at the Oscars. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Barbra Streisand very famously has a “side”. She had a side” before Mimi. And we all know how Mimi feels about being shot from what she considers to be her good “side”. I have a “side” too – which was lovingly pointed out to me by a very good friend, Dylan, who’s been shooting me for over a decade. On one of first shoots, he was like, “stand over here, your nose looks bad from the other side”. Which I very much appreciated, for real. We should all know what our better “side” is. (Cele|bitchy) 
Have you been reading all the articles about Serenity, the Anne Hathaway-Matthew McConaughey movie? Some critics hated it. Others are all like…this movie is BONKERS. And those headlines just make me even more curious about it. The Ringer is calling it the WTF movie of the year. And it’s only January. See? Don’t you want to see it now? (The Ringer)