PEOPLE reports that Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas aren’t together anymore. This can’t be a surprise. Gigi and Joe started dating just as she really started rising. Suddenly Gigi was everywhere. And attached to her, for some reason, was the other Jonas who is not Nick. Never made sense to me. Supposedly love does not see status.


Love can survive status, sure. But love is not blind to status. Especially where they live. And on status, Gigi, at just 20 years old, her popularity nowhere near the peak, is way, way ahead of Joe Jonas who, let’s face it, will never get back to where he was 5 years ago.

Apparently there was no drama in the breakup. Just work schedules. That’s the official reason, at least.

Is the unofficial reason that she heard his band, DNCE, do a cover version of Adele’s Hello. Um. Have you seen this yet? I watched it last night. I got through 2 minutes.

Are you looking around wherever you are, your eyes shifting from side to side like someone’s about to bust through the wall and tell you it’s a joke? Because are you f-cking kidding me? WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?

Wouldn’t you break up with him if this was your boyfriend?