Zayn always has that “I don’t know what I’m going here I don’t belong and I’ll sing a song about it” look anyway so why not play on that and be the robot Edward Scissorhands to Gigi’s Winona Ryder? RIGHT?

You know I’m right!

That’s exactly the mood board that’s being presented here, whether they know it or not. Probably not. And even if they’re not, I’m giving it to them anyway. Because there can be no other Tom and Gisele.

And there shouldn’t be because, Jesus, the world has had enough. So in the absence of Tom and Gisele at the MET Gala this year – and the second year in a row, I think – it’s time to embrace a new couple standard, one that’s properly suited to this generation. Awkwardly adorably young love. Trying not to love it but totally loving the attention young love. Respect my privacy but follow me on Instagram young love. I don’t see you here Harry Styles young love.