Or, depending on when you’re reading this, they’ll be broken up again. Like I said, it’s a paradise and it’s a war zone. And this weekend, after war zoning a few days ago, apparently it’s paradise again as she referred to Zayn as her “boyfriend” during an interview on Friday and she’s still wearing his necklace and was seen on Snapchat singing along to Pillowtalk. Beauty lives.

Gigi was at the Guys’ Choice Awards this weekend. They gave her the “Our New Girlfriend” Award. Gross. It’s gross to me, is it gross to you? Giving out an award to a woman based on her relationship to a man and the title she assumes – “girlfriend” – as a result of that relationship is gross. Making her belong to ALL of the GUYS (“Our” New Girlfriend) is gross. And qualifying that title with an adjective like “new” is even grosser. Are the girlfriends disposable? Is this something they should start vying for? Next year, I really, really want to be named Our New Girlfriend at the Guys’ Choice Awards!